GigBEACON™ is the new event tool offered by the Express App division of indie developer MSB Games Corp. The solution is based on Eddystone, the new beacon technology platform from Google.

We strategically place small GigBEACON™ units using Bluetooth LE around the stage to transmit wireless signals to smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and more) within 300 feet.

The Blues Tribute Show (TBTS) from SoCal Event Network is the first to commit to integrate the new GigBEACON™ solution from MSB to enhance the live event experience. Once deployed, 2016 Event Patrons are notified a GigBEACON™ is nearby and can optionally elect to accept the one-way signal. No additional APP is required to receive the signal. The real-time signal contains a secure link to the cloud with Tonight’s Set List, Free Ringtones, Featured Artist Bios, Blues History, Artist CDs, Merchandise Specials, Venue Beverage Coupons and more.

MSB is in discussions with a range of venues and artists to further expand use of GigBEACONs to enhance the Live Event experience. MSB Games Corp