Oklahoma Ollie

“Lowell Fulsom’s main man is still kicking out the original blues with a party beat showing us that older is wiser, better and in OKO’s case…sexier!”   BIG CITY BLUES MAGAZINE



Highlights are many for bluesman Oklahoma Ollie (OKO) over his 50+ year music career. Former bass player with legends Lowell Fulsom, Phillip Walker and many more worldwide blues titans including Etta James, OKO has a lifetime of experience to draw from as a performer and songwriter. OKO now plays lead guitar and fronts his own Blues Stand Band. The latest CD release, OKO NOW & Then, is a compilation of OKO authored songs that will delight all long-time & new fans. Oklahoma Ollie performs many live events including clubs, festivals, fundraisers and private parties. He performs his signature “behind-the-back” lead guitar trick which must be seen in person. OKO Home Page http://OKOnow.com